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Laura Mack

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Carole Giegerich


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Sweet Succulent Creations was created in 2014 when Carole Giegerich and her daughter, Laura Mack, decided to work together to create unique creations of succulents in eclectic containers, some used, some antique and some handmade.  While Carole spends half her time in Florida cultivating her succulents, she lives in Wayne At Greenwood Farm in the summer and enjoys going to street fairs and conducting workshops in the Philadelphia area.

 Do you love plants but are challenged to keep them alive? Do you have very little space in your home? Learn to create a small succulent pot that you can take home to start your own small container garden. Learn all about the variety of succulents, how they germinate, care and maintenance, plant combining, and the art of small succulent creations. Go home with your very own unique and personalized creation.